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Tell Me the Story Again About How You

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About the Book

The story is generic enough so that ANY pet owner or family will adore this tale! ​

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A portion of each sale goes to various dog rescue organizations!


A tattered photo of a sad dog asking, “Tell me the story of how you rescued me, please” prompted author Carole Marsh Longmeyer to write a book.  “That photo just tugged at my heart,” she says.  “As the relatively new owner of a rescue pup, I was just realizing how enormous and passionate the community of people who have adopted dogs is—and now I was one of them!”
        In TELL ME THE STORY AGAIN OF HOW YOU RESCUED ME, the dog owner relates a typical rescue scenario in a deadpan and teasing manner.  Photographs of named dogs with appropriate expressions feature shocked dog dialogue.  “You didn’t want ME?!” asks one dog.  “No,” says the owner, “I wanted ALL the dogs.”  In another instance, a mortified-looking dog laments, “You didn’t take me home?!”  “No,” says the owner.  “First you had to get cleaned up and get your shots.  I doubt you remember that.”  Counters dog, “Oh, I remember!”
        This clever book covers the basic adopt a dog into a Forever Home so that any reader—adult or child—will feel like it is about them and their dog, or dogs.  The book also features a place to write in specific details regarding your dog’s adoption facts.  A short poem and a hearty thank you to those who adopt dogs ends the book, with a dog pleading, “TELL ME THE STORY AGAIN OF HOW YOU RESCUED ME!”  Weary owner:  “Again?”  Eager dog:  “Again and again and again and again!”
        Carole Marsh Longmeyer has captured the angst and joy of adopting a dog.  “It scares, me though,” she admits.  “Most people don’t seem to stop at adopting one dog, and I’m beginning to understand why!”
   The author pitched her book by reading the story aloud to editors, including the doggy parts.  “No dry eyes and quite a few tears and guffaws,” she says, adding, “I’d love to see families or classrooms read the book aloud with each person reading the owner or dog parts aloud.  If this book encourages people to adopt the more than 3 million dogs who need Forever Homes, my work is done!”
        TELL ME THE STORY AGAIN OF HOW YOU RESCUED ME is available from the publisher, Amazon, many retailers, and can be found in school and public libraries. 


A Portion of Sales Goes to Various

Rescue Organizations

When you purchase "Tell Me The Story Again About How You Rescued Me," a portion of the sales are donated to various rescue organizations.



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